Guitar Lessons

In the Rhythm Inc. Guitar Department, lessons are taught by a team of experienced, professional guitarists. We provide lessons from beginner level right through to the highest standards, and because every student is different our tutors are ready to give you the best possible tuition and guidance.

Learn to improvise, read music and create your own songs or riffs. Learn about guitar sounds and equipment, how to work in a band and how to get your music heard!

Rhythm Inc. can help you become the player you want to be with our vast range of expertise. Players like Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, and Matt Bellamy have changed the face of guitar music, maybe you could be next!

We hope you enjoy learning and exploring guitar music with the help of Rhythm Inc.!

Guitar lessons Barnsley

Bass Lessons

At Rhythm Inc. the bass guitar is serious business. Keeping the low frequencies rocking, modern bass heroes like Mark King of Level 42, Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Atoms For Peace, Chris Wolstenholme of Muse and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin and Them Crooked Vultures are an inspiration to all.

Rhythm Inc. teaches players of all levels and has seen students go on to tour the world or study music at university. We make sure you understand the skills required to be in a band and how to interact with other musicians.

Maybe with help from Rhythm Inc. you can be part of the next generation of bass heroes!

Bass lessons Barnsley

Drum Lessons

Rhythm Inc. provides high quality drum tuition inspired by modern drumming legends like John Bonham of Led Zeppelin, Dominic Howard of Muse, jazz legend Buddy Rich or Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Queens of The Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures etc.) These drummers are not only part of the band but have a voice of their own.

Rhythm Inc. takes drummers from beginners to the very highest level, giving insight into all aspects of drumming. Students have gone on to tour the world and study at university and a number of professional players have learned to play with our guidance.

Rhythm Inc. can advise you on everything you need to succeed in the world of drums. Drum techniques and ideas constantly evolve so there has never been a more exciting time to learn!

Drum lessons Barnsley

Piano Lessons

Rhythm Inc. provides piano tuition in all styles, from traditional classical music to more recent pop rock and jazz styles. The piano or keyboard has many applications in modern music with synthesizers and MIDI technology forming the basis of modern styles like Hip-Hop, House or Dubstep.

Keyboard skills are also very useful for music theory and for those studying music in school or university.

Rhythm Inc. can take you from beginner to the highest level and has a track record of success in graded exams, so if you’re ready to broaden your musical horizons then maybe the Piano is for you!

Piano lessons Barnsley

Singing Lessons

Rhythm Inc. teaches singing in a broad range of styles and you will be learning from experienced and talented vocalists. No other instrument has that same connection with an audience as the human voice and Rhythm Inc. can provide you with the correct techniques to use yours confidently!

From Aretha Franklin to Beyonce, Stevie Wonder to Eminem, great vocalists have used their voices to communicate with us directly on subjects that matter to them and to us. Singing in public helps with self-confidence and communication skills and we can set you on the road to fronting a band or becoming a solo artist.

Rhythm Inc. can help you take your voice to places you never thought it could reach!

Singing Lessons Barnsley

Violin Lessons

Friendly and relaxed lessons will to help you to learn to play famous melody and themes, classical and contemporary! Improve your musical mind with the harmony of duets, learn to read music and gain confidence of playing solo.
Our tutor will teach and guide you towards exams if you choose to take them.
All ages and levels welcome!
Violin lessons Barnsley

Music Theory Lessons

Music theory is the language that helps musicians communicate and you will learn a certain amount of essential music theory in your instrumental lesson at Rhythm Inc. But if you want to take it further you can take extra music theory lessons with one of our specialists.

A grade 5 music theory qualification is essential to take some practical classical exams at higher levels or you may find a theory qualification is required to take a college or university course in music. You may just want to expand your knowledge base and gain a broader understanding of music.

Rhythm Inc. provides music theory lessons at all levels and for all style requirements.

Music theory lessons Barnsley

Music Exams

Rhythm Inc. is a Rockschool Exam Centre. Rockschool have a long history of providing rock & pop graded music exams in the UK and abroad. These qualifications are in line with the national Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) and higher level exams carry UCAS points.

At Rhythm Inc. we realise that exams aren’t for everybody, but for some students they provide an achievement milestone and for others a route into further education. We also enter candidates for exams with other boards but feel that the Rockschool exams fit best with the Rhythm Inc. ethos.

Rhythm Inc. students can benefit from taking exams in a known and comfortable environment with guidance from tutors who have years of experience in preparing candidates for these exams.

Music exams Barnsley

Lessons in Schools

Rhythm Inc. provides 1-to-1 and small group instrumental tuition in a number of local schools and academies as well as choirs, guitar/ukulele groups and band workshops. We also provide a mobile recording service for school choirs and music groups.

Rhythm Inc. has helped young people to develop their musical skills in schools for a number of years and our expertise is sought after by an increasing number of primary and secondary schools.

School music lessons Barnsley

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